Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Check In 2015

It's August, it's August! And there is so much going on.

Pitch Wars submissions open Aug 17
First, I'm super excited to be co-mentoring with Stephanie Scott in Pitch Wars. Our wish list goes live tomorrow (Monday) and we're on the prowl for a really great writer who wants TWO mentors. You can find it right here on my website (or Stephanie's).

I can give one little hint--that we're pretty much open to all genres. We really want a great STORY, regardless of if it's a contemporary, fantasy, horror, etc. I absolutely love Stephanie Scott. She's so smart and insightful and a gorgeous writer. If you're interested, keep your eyes on Brenda Drake's website for details.

It's also the Month of Birthdays in my family. My youngest brother is the first birthday, followed by our Nan, who is turning 86 mid-month. Then, end of month, I'm celebrating my own with steamed crabs with my family in Baltimore.
The ever-evolving plotting board for MS #6.

I got so much work done in July. I finished writing THE BOOK--the one that's been clinging to my ankles for the last year and three months. Honestly, I never thought I'd finish this book, and it was the hardest one I've ever had to write. The book is about 60K words, but when I went through my "cuts" folder, I had over 100K words. I went through five major revisions and it's my sixth book. I'm so proud of it, not just as a finished story but what it has to say about growing up and determining your path in life. I hope one day I'm able to share it with you.

I just turned in a 15 page outline to my agent for my next book. I love having new ideas and starting fresh. Once I get the green light, I'm excited to dive into this one and swim around in a new world.

I'm also really committed to focusing on my personal life. About a month ago, I left my day job in advertising to focus on my writing career. It was weird and scary, but ultimately I just didn't feel healthy sitting behind a desk all day and staying inside. I've been interviewing for other jobs that will get me out and moving and active again. I'm also hitting the gym a few times a week. I do cardio and take yoga classes and am starting to feel my muscles harden and my breath deepen. I feel like I'm starting to find me again after a long time of being hidden.

Nelly vs. the azalea bush.
To be honest, I had a really difficult time leaving my job. It was really hard to say, "this isn't for me. This isn't right for me." Because, honestly, it was a great job and I made great money. I worked with smart people and had worked for seven years in this industry. Why wasn't I happy?

Plus, I was worried about my dog all the time. Shannon and I got Nelly fourteen years ago. We'd only been dating for two weeks and living together for six days and we got a puppy. We were insane, but also really in love. It's hard to watch her battle coughs and aches and pains as she ages; mostly because it marks an end to our beginning. I'm really glad I get to spend more time at home with her even if I'm just doling out medicine and spotting her hips as she goes up and down stairs.

I think we have these moments where we see a fork in the road and need to decide which way to veer. For me, I wanted simplicity again. I wanted time to work on my writing, space to focus on my health, and the luxury to look around the world a little bit more. For me to be myself again.

So I'm starting this August with a clear head and ready to continue this path I started down. I hope to bring you along with me, especially as I help mentor another writer and write more stories and read more books. Have a great month!

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  1. I believe in you! You go get 'em, girl. And yes, you have to stay happy (and sane) so I'm thinking that was a great move for you! HUGS, my friend! =)


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