Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Celebrating 10 Years of Twilight -- With Gifs

The news of a new Twilight novel exploded on Twitter this morning and there were so many discussions of what it meant for Stephenie Myer, the fandom, and of course YA writers.

And, of course, the first thing I remembered was the rise of Twihards, the excitement around each new book release and the movies--AND THE GIFS AND MEMES, you guys. THE GIFS AND MEMES WERE EVERYTHING.

In fact, deep in my Dropbox I have a little folder of them from 2006-2009 that I saved because they were so funny. I sorted through them this morning (I had a lot of Britney pre-meltdown and Rock of Love gifs too so don't judge me) reliving all my memories of the Twilight fandom. And now I'd like to share them with you.*

Here we go...

Okay, let's get it out of the way: Edward sparkled. We all know. And the memes and gifs were fantastic.

And no one really understood our fandom...

But we all knew...

And protected it like it was the special sparkly flower it was...

Because HOW adorable was RPatz? He was our heartthrob who could look like this on screen...

But in real life he was like this...

Move aside, Jennifer Lawrence. Robert and Kristen were the real media fail darlings (I used to have a gif of Kristen dropping her MTV Movie Award but lost it).

And his hair! Remember RPatz hair?? We were so obsessed with it!

RPatz rolled with his crew of vampires and we were onboard for the ride.

Pop quiz! What was the true answer to this question??

Here's a hint. And, congrats if you got his fandom joke!

And when the movie news started to slowly leak, we were so insanely excited. I remember gasping and flailing at this tease from ET.

And screamed when I saw this clip "HE ALMOST TOUCHED HER!!! HE'S COLD!!!"

So cold. 

And if anyone ever gave me crap for loving Twilight, I pulled out this gif.

And I went to Burger King for the first time since I was ten just for this beauty.

Let's not forget the special flower that was Jacob, who tried so hard to win our affections. Really, all he had to do was cut that damn hair and take his shirt off.

 But we all knew the real love was between Edward and Bella.

Speaking of Bella, she was extremely mature in her romantic pursuits.

 Even if she did fall for this guy.

But he was protective.

And sensitive.

And damn cool.

And could save you from a flying van and leap over a truck with a single bound.

So, YAY for Twilight! YAY for Stephenie Myer! YAY for the fans. If you'll excuse me, I need to run to the bookstore to buy my copy of Life and Death now.

*Guys, gifs and memes are not my own. Thank you to whomever created them. You are the true blessings of the Internet.

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