Saturday, July 18, 2015

To the Pancake Story

To all of you out there writing, may we raise a glass and toast to the Pancake Story.

The Pancake Story is an idea that doesn't cook
perfectly, causing writers much frustration.
This story is inside all of us. It's the story that came out half-baked or over-baked, but screwed up. Maybe it's the first one you tried making. Maybe it's the one you burned after the pan got too hot. Maybe it started out okay, but then crumbled half-way through. Maybe it's the one you didn't pay enough attention to because some distraction got in the way. Maybe you're still learning the art of a great flip so both sides cook evenly. 

These are the stories that frustrate us, especially when we have to chuck them in the garbage and start all over. Maybe we feed them to the dog or maybe we pick through it like scavengers, looking for the good pieces. We wonder if we'll ever taste the sweet success of writing a good story ever again. We question everything. We get mad. We give up. We come crawling back.

Pancake stories are inevitable, though. Sometimes we have to get them out of our system. Either way, keep making your pancakes even if they all aren't perfect each and every go-around.

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