Friday, March 15, 2013

It's That Time - Channing Friday Time

When best non-writer friend Kelly called me up and said, "can you come up here to New York and watch all the Channings with me?" I nearly combusted. Really? Who would ask such a silly question??

So we were all set for Channing-Thon and then the unspeakable happened. We had to cancel.
You have no idea how bummed out I am. Because, I'm not going to lie. It was a crap week for me. Seriously, I had a rough go of it. And when you have a crap week there's only one thing to save it...CHANNING FRIDAY!

Because sometimes no matter how awesome you think you are on Monday...

Sometimes things just fall apart.

And you try and flail and still everything STILL goes wrong.

So you decide to throw down. 

But ultimately, sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and be like, "okay, crap week. You freaking win."

And you let it crap all over you.

Until you're just like this.

Or, if you're totally crazy, this.

But you know what can save a crap week?


So when you feel like this...

Just remember this...

And this.

Or if it floats your boat, this (I so won't judge).


And no matter what. No matter what crappy thing happened this week...even if your Channing-Thon got canceled because of pink eye. (Yeah, let's not talk about it.)

And also


  1. Perfect. Thank you. *bookmarks page*

  2. So sorry that your Channing-Thon got cancelled....but thanks so much for the eye candy. My Friday just got better.

    1. I truly believe that the awesomeness Of Channing can heal all wounds. I'm glad he made your Friday!! :)

  3. This post... is easily the best part of my week. Because mine sucked as well. Is there nothing abs and hot kisses can't solve?

    1. Thanks Gina. And no, there is nothing abs and hot kisses can't solve. Happy Channing Friday!

  4. haha, this was so entertaining! I like Channing Tatum, and while he's obvs hot, he is just not my type. Then again, "not my type" doesn't mean he's not eye candy... :)


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