Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Writers Like Us - Joy Hensley

Last spring, I attended Joy Hensley's book launch for Rites of Passage, and got to see first-hand her extensive knowledge and love for military life. And, once, she saved my phone from the depths of a movie theater, making her my own personal super hero. So, of course, I needed her to be a part of Writers Like Us.

Say hi to Joy Hensley! , she's the newest addition to Writers Like Us!

Joy on Writing

  • I've written 6 books, and 1 has seen the light of day.
  • My favorite type of scenes to write are bad boy redemption scenes and near-kissing scenes :-)
  • No matter how long I've been writing, I still have issues with placing scenes correctly in a story for maximum potency--always need CPs/agent/editor for this part!
  • A typical comment from my critique partner is O______O
  • The book I wished I wrote is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Joy on Getting Published
  • If my agent really knew how crazy I was, she would find out that I read every single tweet/e-mail/text/whatever other form of communication a million different ways and then believe the most negative spin, no matter what the subject. This leads to much panicking and needs for reassurance.
  • When I was querying, I felt absolutely OCD about checking my e-mail/phone a million times a day.
  • The biggest mistake I ever made querying was querying the same agent 3 times with the same book (hey, she signed me, though, so....)
  • The craziest thought I've ever had while writing is oh my gosh, can I put all these cuss words in? My MOM is going to read this...
  • When I got "The Call," my first thought was "Surely she's called the wrong Joy."
  • When I saw my book sale in Publishers Marketplace, I was sitting in class (being the teacher) and almost fell off my chair.

Joy on Life Outside Writing
  • If I weren't a writer, I'd probably be a traveling masseuse or a librarian.
  • Secretly, I'm terrified of people thinking I've failed at something.
  • My secret girlfriend/boyfriend is Jamie Fraser from Outlander and Charlie Hunnam <3
  • Sometimes, when no one is around, I sing like I'm on American Idol--my dogs are not fans of these moments.

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