Sunday, March 1, 2015

Currently Reading - March 2015

I think one of my favorite things to blog about is what I plan to read in the upcoming month, and then admitting to what I actually read instead. 

February was one of those months. I'd meant to tackle these:

But instead went for these (also, I love how they all fell into the same color scheme):

I'll blame it on Liane Moriarty. Last month I was reading What Alice Forgot when a co-worker spotted it on my desk. We started talking about how great her books were and my co-worker leant me The Husband's Secret. I loved it. In fact, I just bought Big Little Lies so I'm completely doing an author binge.

Sarah Addison Allen is one of my most favorite authors. The Girl Who Chased The Moon is my top, top, top favorite book ever. I'd had First Frost for a while and as soon as I'd finished Moriarty's book, I wasn't ready to switch back to YA. I love Sarah's use of light magical realism, her world building of sleepy southern towns, and her quiet and brave female characters.

I pre-ordered Mindy Kaling's book back in 2011, read a fourth of it, and never picked it back up! I have no idea why. It's strange how your mood affects your reading. I wanted to cross it off my list.

In addition, I just finished Lisa Genova's Inside The O'Briens, which was fantastic. She wrote Still Alice, which I haven't read (or seen the movie), but have on my list. So when Simon & Schuster offered me an eARC, I jumped at the chance (review to come). 

This tweet says it all:
Here's what I have on deck for March:

Jennifer Mathieu's Devoted, which I'm super excited to read because it's based on the Quiverfull religion (think the Duggars).

Agency brother Robert Lettrick's The Murk. Robert's debut, Frenzy, gave me nightmares for days. So I'm excited to jump back into his world.

April Lindner's Catherine, which I picked up at the author's signing and am excited to read. She had me at modern day Wuthering Heights retelling.

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