Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Writers Like Us - Leigh Ann Kopans

When writer friend and YA author Leigh Ann Kopans released her YA superhero debut last week, I knew I wanted her to do Writers Like Us...just with ONE big twist.

Her answers are below in bold. Let us know what makes Leigh Ann like you in the comments.

Leigh Ann on Writing

  • The FIRST story I ever wrote was not too long ago! I started in January 2011. It was a YA time-travel romance. I'm planning to rewrite it this year. :D 
  • My ONE favorite type of scene to write is scenes with emotional, soul-baring conversations.
  • When I FIRST started writing, I thought there was only one way to write, and only one way to be published. Now I know that there are as many paths as there are writers.
  • My FIRST critique partner taught me where punctuation goes in relationship to quotation marks. (Sorry, Gina!) But most of all, how to deliver tough critique with friendliness and grace. Love you, girl. 
  • No matter how long I've written, the ONE thing I still struggle with is PACING! I can't seem to shake that damn slow start for the life of me, even when I beat sheet and outline.

Leigh Ann on Self Publishing

  • The ONE thing I wish people knew about self publishing is that it's not a last-ditch effort - it's REAL publishing, and it can be lucrative and LOTS of fun.
  • The FIRST person I told when I decided to self publish is my right-hand CP and bestie Jamie Grey. She's been amazing since day ONE. 
  • My ONE biggest challenge with self publishing is focusing on more than one project at a time. I currently have three or four on my plate, all in different stages of production, because the time between releases is much shorter in the self-published world. I had to get into an entirely different head just to answer these interview questions. :D
  • The ONE thing I love the most about self published authors is how humble and helpful they are. Each one of us is doing the work of several publishing professionals, but you wouldn't know it from talking to them. And because they are such treasure-troves of business knowledge, they're an amazing resource and very generous with lending a hand. 

Leigh Ann on Life Outside of Writing

  • The ONE thing that scares me is that everyone secretly hates me, even my best friends and husband. I have serious social anxiety. 
  • My ONE secret girlfriend/boyfriend is Zachary Levy from Chuck and "Tangled." He's not buff, and he's not cool, but OMG do I love him. 
  • My ONE secret power is writing FAST. NaNoWriMo is like no biggie. Seriously.
  • But if I had a SECOND, it would be never having to sleep. Think of all the books I could write!


  1. Great interview, ladies! I bought ONE and I can't wait to get reading it. And that cover is just gorgeous! :D

  2. Love that you beat sheet for pacing. I just did that for the first time, and I LOVE it, but keeping that pacing in novel form is difficult. Working on it! Congrats on the debut. My special graphic novel edition should be arriving today!

  3. The cover is just gorgeous! And so is Leigh Ann, inside and out. Can't wait to read ONE. Thank you for this interview, Valerie!


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