Friday, May 3, 2013

Get Your Channing Friday On

I know. I's been too long. And you know what? This was one of those weeks that we just need to...


Because I don't know about you guys, but I was STRESSED this week. Like, really, really stressed.

Because writing is hard, and sometimes putting our work out there feels a little like this...

No matter if it's a contest or an agent request or a submission, sending our manuscripts off into the world is SUPER scary.

And we'll spend hours hovering our cursors over that SEND button.

Because rejection feels horrible, like agents and editors want nothing to do with what we have to offer.

It makes us jumpy. So every time we hear our inbox ding, we feel like this...

And then, after we read it, this...

Things like that rough us up. Really, they do.
Because the thought of enough to make us want to vomit.

And the idea of shelving the book of your heart and starting something new is devestating.

Sometimes it's not even you. Sometimes it's our critique partner who gets roughed up and even though we try, there's nothing we could do to help.

It's hard dodging writer stress, and it happens to us all.

I may have even pulled one of these around Tuesday. (Because, yes, I AM A FRAGILE FLOWER!)

But seriously, we can't wallow. Good things happen, and we have things to celebrate this week! 

Let's do this, Channing! 

Because I heard there were some book sales this week (*ahem* Megan Miranda, Dahlia Adler, Nikki Urang, Victoria Aveyard, and Krista Van Dozer)!

Okay, yeah, and Dahlia? You know you get one all for yourself. (CP Love!)

And The Writers Voice started this week and I just know some of you are about to be paired with an awesome coach! (I am SO a fan. #TeamMonicaFTW)

And I hear that some awesome kissing scenes were written (FINALLY!)

And there were some birthdays this week (Oh hey, Jodi Meadows, Rachel Simon, Jessica Shea, Barbara Ellingson, and Erin Harris!)

And I hear Jodi Meadows is giving away an ARC of the last book in the Incarnate Trilogy.

And some lucky people got to go to RT13 to frolic with all their favorite writer friends.

The point is we have to celebrate all the things, big or small. Because otherwise you'll drown in the stress...

Anna Banks is right. Good or bad, no matter how hard it gets, we're in this together...

Because eventually someone's going to want our work and take us home.

And until then, we've got Channing Fridays.

 Now and forever (or just on Fridays. Whatever).



    1. Happy birthday and Happy Channing Friday, Rachel!!! <3

  2. I'll just be viewing this all day. Thank you for my birthday shout out! You are so made of everything lovely. XOX

    1. You're welcome and Happy Channing Friday!! <3

  3. I could watch that gif of him with the Solo cup and the nipples all day. Mezmerizing.

  4. You so nailed every aspect of the process! I missed this on Friday; thanks for making my gloomy Monday a little more Channing : )

  5. This is awesome. (Confession: I should get out more. I did not even know this Channing you speak of...thank goodness for Google.)


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