Saturday, April 4, 2015

Currently Reading - April 2015

Hooray! Spring is here, finally. My windows are open and I'm eying my muddy front yard and getting anxious to get our outdoor area spiffed up so I can spend more time outside reading and writing.

I read a lot in March, and was really excited to cross off a few titles I've had on my list forever.

  • And We Stay was really cool in how it used Emily Dickinson and poetry to parallel the main character's grief. 
  • Tell the Wolves I'm Home was also a great literary read about a teenage girl's grief after her uncle dies of AIDs. 
  • Devoted examined a girl's faith after she left her Quiverfull religion.
  • The Murk was a terrifying middle grade that takes readers into the depths of the Okefenokee swamp.
  • Watch the Sky asked how blindly you'd believe everything you've been told.

Up on deck for April, I have:
  • The Good Girl, which hooked me right away. I've already devoured 1/3 of it last night.
  • I was so excited to get The Devil You Know. I'm a total Trish Doller fangirl and have been waiting for this book foreverrr!
  • And I'm really excited to have Girl in a Band on my Kindle. 

What are you reading this month?

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