Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's Up Wednesday - 1.8.14

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what's up.

You can participate by going to Jaime's blog here. Or Erin's blog there.

Is What's Up Wednesday back yet? If not, I'm scheduling this post anyway. I NEED a What's Up Wednesday!

What I'm Reading
E. Lockhart's WE WERE LIARS! I was shocked when I managed to get a copy. It's really good, and really different, from any book I've ever read.

I realized I have a bit of a book that I've bought/been approved/was gifted way too many. My TBR shelf looks like this right now.

So, I'll just be over here DROWNING in books.

What I'm Writing

I feel like every time I get to this section, I'm like, "Yep. Still doing that." I'm trying to buckle down and settle in for some serious writing time this winter. I have two things I'm working on: one story that is about halfway done and one that I wrote over the summer/fall and need to go in like a wrecking ball and rewrite completely.

What Else I've Been Up To

I feel like I did all my fun stuff last week. I was in NY for NYE and got to cause trouble at The Strand and find (non-diseased) ticker tape in Times Square.

This is my first full week back at work too so I'm trying to adjust back to a full schedule of day job and night writing. I decided that I would set aside time at night to write.

This week, I'm just buckling down to work, which is just a different type of fun, but the alone kind.

Oh! Also, my Agents Like Us interview series is back. I have interviews lined up for the next 4 weeks. Pass it along to anyone you know who is querying, please and thank you!

Have an awesome week!


  1. I love your interview series "Agents Like Us!"(that and Friday Channing of course :p)) I'm half way through WE WERE LIARS and I'm really really enjoying it, kind of like the Sinclair won't let go :-)
    Best of luck with you writing!

  2. You do have a book problem. At least it's a good addiction. Hopefully you can make some headway into that TBR pile.

  3. Lol, my TBR pile looks something like that, too (except most are on my Kindle). Hope I can make a dent in it in 2014! Have a great week.

  4. Oh my, that is a big TBR pile. I have loads of books on my Kindle to read; it really is a space saver. Good luck with your writing!

  5. I love your blog! (First time visitor.) I'm going to have to check out your agent series. Thanks for putting that together! Good luck getting your night writing going.

  6. If I show you my bookshelf with my TBR books, you'll feel better about yours lol

    I just got back to my regular routine after 3 weeks and it's taking me a while to adjust to it again ...

    Happy 2014!

  7. That whole "What I'm Writing" section feels much the same way for me. I haven't been writing for ages now, and I keep just saying "soon" over and over again. It's about time I just shut up and do it, right? I know what you mean about drowning in books that still need to be read. I wish I could set up a separate reading challenge on Goodreads just for getting through books I already own. Hmm...must figure that out. Hope work is going well and that you're settling back in okay. Have a great week, Valerie!

  8. New Years Eve in NYC sounds so exciting. I agree that writing can be an exciting adventure too, just the alone kind. Good luck getting back into your grove.

  9. I think drowning in books is the best kind of drowning :) Even thinking about writing can count as writing :) and blogging counts too!

  10. Haha, I love your what I'm writing gif....I feel the same way. But I love your TBR pile. I want to die by drowning of books! :)

  11. Thanks to you I now have "Wrecking Ball" in my head. ;)
    I haven't written since NaNo and I'm anxious to get into revisions of something I wrote last year.
    Good luck with your writing!

  12. Wow, that's a super impressive TBR pile. Mine looks positively non-existent in comparison :P

  13. Going to NY for NYE! That's so cool. I hope you are able to adjust to your schedule again soon.

  14. My TBR list is pretty much that swamped too aaaaand yet I keep adding to it at breakneck speed. Good luck settling into work and writing again. Doing both is a tall order. Happy 2014!

  15. Lucky you, reading WE WERE LIARS. I've heard amazing things about that book. And don't feel too bad about your TBR pile. Mine often gets out of control. Best of luck reclaiming your schedule. I'm trying to do the same. :-)

  16. Hah, that's my TBR-shelf, too, books stacked on top of books. I probably have multiple copies of a few things because I can't find where it ends and begins.

  17. I can't wait to read WE WERE LIARS. Your TBR pile looks very similar to mine, and it's just going to get bigger and bigger with all the great books coming out this year!

  18. I don't know about yours, but my husband is an enabler of the book buying habit. I sought him out for help when I couldn't pass up all the ebook deals I was seeing, just after I'd bought stuff off B&N clearance, and hit my local indie for a few books after buying picture books for my nephews. His response: your vices are good vices. Just buy the books.

    No help at all!

    Though the block on my library account from damaging a book is helping a bit. (I still feel bad about it. I just haven't been over to the library yet since Christmas).


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