Sunday, September 1, 2013

Currently Reading - September 2013

Hello, hello! Hope everyone is having a fantastic end to their summers and going back to work/school/post-summer life isn't too painful.

For me, I'm knee deep in writing my own manuscript, so my reading has tapered off quite a bit in the last month. The only book I'm committing to read in September is Twitter buddy Jennifer Laam's THE SECRET DAUGHTER OF THE TSAR (she was so nice in giving me an eARC). I'm excited to read this one because it's A) my first non-YA read in 2013 and B) Russian historical!

So since I'm not reading much now in September, here's a recap of my absolute favorites from this summer:

Jessica Martinez's THE VOW was an amazing YA contemporary that asked the ultimate question: how much can you really commit of yourself to saving your best friend? My full review is here.

It's no surprise that Trish Doller's sophomore book is on my list. WHERE THE STARS STILL SHINE is equal parts heartbreaking and triumphant. Expect much fangirling when this one comes out later this month. My full review is here. For all my previous fangirling, here.

I also really loved Miranda Kenneally's THINGS I CAN'T FORGET. If you want a sweet romance that challenges the characters' beliefs and faiths, this is your book. My full review is here.

Hilary T. Smith's debut, WILD AWAKE, was also at the top of my list. The main character took us along on a very wild, manic ride that I can't quite stop thinking about months later. My full review here.

THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU AND ME was the first book I read from Amanda Grace (AKA Mandy Hubbard) and I immediately fell in love with her unconventional storytelling. My full review here.

Lauren Myracle's THE INFINITE MOMENT OF US reminded me of Judy Blume's FOREVER and pushed the envelope of young adult contemporary romance. My full review here.

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Valerie has read 11 books toward her goal of 50 books.


  1. You've read some great books! Looking forward to getting my hands on The Infinite Moment of Us.

    Sara at The Page Sage

    1. Oooo Sara, you're going to like it. Plus, I found the HB in the bookstore and the cover is super pretty and shiny and all the fonts are raised up. I've never wanted to touch a book so much in my life. (That reads so weird.)


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