Friday, May 29, 2015

For Your TBR Pile - Reimagined Shakespeare

YOLO JULIET by Brett Wright
SRSLY HAMLET by Courtney Carbone
Published: May 26, Random House

My Thoughts:
These books are SO cool! I love reimagined classics, but have a hard time reading them because sometimes I never understood the source material.

I was really familiar with Romeo and Juliet, but had never read Hamlet before. Surprisingly, srsly Hamlet wasn't hard to follow as a first read.

These were so well done and flawlessly executed. Told in texts, voice memos, check ins and group chats, Shakespeare's work comes to life in a whole new way. They're the kind of books you want to shove into someone's hands and pass along right away. In fact, I'm sending my copies to a friend who works in a high school library. I can't wait to see how kids and Millennials respond to these books.

Recommended for those who love reimagined classics, such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and William Shakespeare’s Star Wars. I was actually quite surprised Random House snagged these books before Quirk Books. 

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