Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's Up Wednesday - 8.27.14

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what's up.

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I went back to the old school logo from last year. When I took my hiatus this winter, I missed out on all the new WUW logos.

What I'm Reading

Okay, so currently I'm reading FORBIDDEN (which, I'm enjoying but also having a hard time wrapping my brain around some of the character development. I mean, the book is so controversial and I love those types of books that challenges ideas and pushes taboo, but... alas...)

However, I am really excited about what I have up on deck! WILDLIFE by Fiona Wood was available on NetGalley (thanks, LBKids!) and I jumped at the opportunity to read. Kelly Jensen over at Stacked was recommending it pretty fiercely (and I typically agree with her reviews...speaking of which, check out her blog for some really awesome insights into contemp YA!).

What I'm Writing

The writing is going well! I blew through 12K last night. Because of the day job, I set small, consistent goals to hit every night (between 500-1,000 words) and am keeping up well. My hope is to have a first draft ready in November. Last night I got to write a big, climatic argument (which are my favorite because you just get to GIVE it to the other character).

What Inspires Me

A few things right now. So first, let's talk about Ariana Grande. She is the most ADORABLE pop star out there right now. I also have her entire album on repeat this week. But I think my favorite thing about her is her ponytail. Seriously, if a Twitter/Tumblr account called Ariana's Ponytail appears out of nowhere this weekend, it's probably because I caved and started it.

During the VMAs, she was twirling around on stage in those thigh high boots and her hair was so gorgeous. (I wish mine was long enough to rock the high up ponytail!) But I was thinking, THAT! That's what it's about. Pop culture in general gets so much shade thrown at it because we just won't allow ourselves to have fun. So do me a favor this week and don't be self conscious to let your inner pop star show. Bust a move in the middle of the grocery store. Sing a little louder in your cubicle. Flip that hair when you cross the street. 

Okay, so the second thing is also Ariana Grande-related. And it's her brother, Frankie who is competing on Big Brother. I have been glued to my TV all summer over this show and I've completely fallen in ship (is that a thing?) with Zankie (Zach and Frankie). Look at these two! Aren't they adorable?? Except (SPOILER) Zach was just evicted from the Big Brother house and now their showmance is no more. Agent Lauren and I am sad, but we will forever have this gif. 

<3 Have an awesome week and rock your inner pop star! <3


  1. My hair was that long a few weeks ago. I had two feet taken off to donate to Zichron Menachem, the third time I've donated hair. But it is fun to have long hair while it lasts.

  2. Writing arguments is one of my favourite things in the entire world. It's quite therapeutic, especially after a bad day. Congrats on 12k!

  3. Ooo, I love the cover on WILDLIFE--how the two characters are sitting back to back on the rock. Very nice! I also love your plotting board. I used Post-its to organize the plot for my current WIP and that worked really well. I'd never done it that way before, but I think that might have to be a habit now. There are few things handier than Post-its. Good luck with your 500-1000 word daily goal!


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