Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Writers Like Us - Kristin Halbrook

As soon as I finished NOBODY BUT US, Kristin Halbrook went to the top of my list of authors to ask to participate in Writers Like Us. Her book is amazing--a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. And that ending. Ugh, that ending killed me in all the good ways. If you haven't picked this one up, please do! It was by far one of my favorites of 2013.

Her answers are below in bold. Let us know what makes Kristin like you in the comments.

Kristin on Writing

  • I've written many! books, and 1, so far, has seen the light of day (the second comes out winter 2015).
  • My favorite type of scenes to write are the ones that make me feel hard--make me cry, make me swoon, take me back to a meaningful place I've been so I feel like I'm there again.
  • No matter how long I've been writing, I still have issues with worldbuilding. It's something I continually work to improve. I tend to be sparse and don't always provide enough info.
  • A typical comment from my critique partner is the pacing at the beginning is kind of slow. Something else I still work on.
  • The book I wished I wrote is HOW I LIVE NOW by Meg Rosoff. I love the prose and the voice. And the characters.

Kristin on Getting Published

  • If my agent really knew how crazy I was, she would find out . . . hmm. I think they already know I'm a bit crazy? I don't hide it very well.
  • When I was querying, I felt rejected. Frustrated. Hopeful. Fierce.
  • The biggest mistake I ever made querying was sending out a ms that wasn't ready. I think this is really common.
  • The craziest thought I've ever had while writing and being published is I love this and I'm going to keep doing it no matter how hard it is.
  • When I got "The Call," my first thought was this is what a dream realized feels like.
  • When I saw my book sale in Publishers Marketplace, I clapped like a drunk seal and squee'd.

Kristin on Life Outside Writing

  • If I weren't a writer, I'd probably run a food truck. Or a bakery. Or a food truck bakery.
  • Secretly, I'm terrified of ghosties and goblins. Like, REALLY scared. Weeks of sleepless nights kind of scared. Which is why I don't watch horror films.
  • My secret boyfriend is James McAvoy. Luckily, we're both married to people we adore. In fact, the way he loves and respects his family is one of the things I admire most about him.
  • Sometimes, when no one is around, I gorge on warm chocolate chip cookies and ice cream for dinner. Preferably while watching Dirty Dancing. Sometimes I do that when people ARE around, too.


  1. Thanks Valerie for another installment of Writers Like Us! I really love these!!
    Also, I'll have this book on my radar! THANKS!! xoxo

  2. I adore this book, and now I adore the author as well.


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